Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Little River Falls

I recently went on a little outdoors adventure with my friend Ty Harris to Little River Canyon Preserve. Absolutely beautiful. For those of you non-Alabamians, it's located in the northeastern part of the state, near Ft. Payne. The 45 ft. waterfall is arresting. Ty captured these gorgeous images (you'll definitely want to follow him on Instagram here - he's got mad talent). We had a blast on this excursion. Ty is a true adventurer, so I was excited to explore with him. His travels across the globe have even led him to Antarctica! 

We set out before dawn and saw the most stunning sunrise when we arrived to the park. Glorious golden light spilling out and drenching everything around us - a sight that would surely make a morning person out of the most reluctant riser. I need to see more of this. It was Ty's idea to leave early so we could catch the sunrise. I'm so glad we did. It was so beautiful, we forgot how cold we were. The best, most exhilarating moment of the trip was scooting onto the edge of a rock right at the top of the falls. Ty did as well. Probably not the safest decision but worth it : ) Ty and I hope, through these photos, that you're inspired to go do something outside. I know I can't wait to do it again. 

x, M
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  1. You look awesome as the backdrop - Wishing you the best of the holidays!!!



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