Monday, November 3, 2014

Crow Chic

Ring on forefinger, left hand: Camplandon CONNECT 

I have never been shy about my height. It's something I've always embraced. I love wearing heels and don't mind one bit being over 6 feet tall when wearing them. I know I'm tall, but my first thought when seeing this first photo snapped by my talented friend Nicole Muro of Carnaggio Photography was am I really that tall?? Absolutely love it. 

I credit the name of this blog post to one follower who posted the hashtag #crowchic underneath the Instagram upload of this photo. Dying haha! This #crowchic jacket is from Urban Outfitters. The perforated leather gym shorts are by Capulet. I'm wearing Kismet Cosmetics instant bronzing lotion on the legs. Makes legs look awesome. Also wearing Kismet Cosmetics lipstick in EmpowerMessage me if you want to try either, as I rep for the brand.

Here I'm also wearing a couple of new pieces of jewelry from Shals, one of my fave online boutiques. The pendant necklace I'm wearing is the Prudence style. I also love the France pendant necklace, and the original pendant style. As for her collar style offerings, I am positively obsessed with the Middleton. Amazing! The Tal and the Kiran are two of my personal go-to's. I'm also wearing two of the gold Lila bangles here, which go with everything and mix well with other bracelets. If you follow me on Instagram, you've likely noticed them on my wrists a lot. To see even more styles offered by Shals, check out her Instagram page. She is introducing new bangles and little studs, which I'm so pumped about! 

Check out more of Nicole's lovely work here as well as her fab blog, TWYNblog

Hope y'all are having a great Monday!

x, M

Photo: Nicole Muro of Carnaggio Photography | Jewelry: Shals |Safety Pin Ring: Camplandon CONNECT ringAloft Hotel Birmingham
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  1. You look AMAZING!!! Those shorts (and legs!)!!!


  2. Love that outfit, looking good! x


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