Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Boot Camp: Balance Personal Training

I like to be pushed out of my comfort zone and challenged. That has always been my personality. I like a little pressure. I like the feeling of growing, excelling, becoming stronger and better. So naturally, it was love at first class for me when I tried boot camp at Balance Personal Training Studio in Mountain Brook.

For the past several weeks, I've been attending boot camp classes taught by my insanely fit friend Scott Fell who is a personal trainer at BalanceIt's hands down the best workout I've ever done. My body has never felt better. Scott is a fantastic instructor with 8 years of personal training under his belt. He is full of energy and makes every class fun. His positive vibes are contagious! 

Before I started this class several weeks ago, the only exercise I had been doing was push-ups and speed walking on the treadmill. Through this class, I have incorporated weight training and lower body strength exercises into my workout routine. I'm amazed by the results. Every class is different, which keeps it fresh and fun. In the first class, we did jumping frog squats. I am dead serious - when I walked out of that class my butt sat an inch higher than it did before I came through the door. Amazing. I immediately signed up for more classes.

In these photos, shot by Birmingham based photographer Eric Gray, I wanted to capture some "boot camp" instructional moments with Scott. We shot at a field located walking distance from Balance Studio. When it's nice out, Scott teaches the class outdoors. We got in a nice variety of cardio and strength training. We did jogging, sprints, worked with ropes (so challenging!) and also did dumbell and kettlebell exercises. We finished with pushups and planks. 

"It's all about burning calories and building lean muscle mass", Scott explains. "Also gets your heart in fighting shape. It is for any age range.....if you put in the work you will lose body fat and build muscle!"  Scott is great about adjusting workouts according to the individual. Everyone gets a challenging workout but is never pushed beyond their limits. 

"You will walk in our door to workout and you will leave with new friends and a new body!", Scott explains. "Our clients are our family. Period. We put our bodies through so much pain but have a great time while doing it. There is truly no gym like ours."

In addition to Boot Camp classes, Balance Training Studio also offers cross training, cardio, weight training, and core/functional training classes. Scott, Martin Taylor, and Balance owner Michael Meadows all teach and do personal training. These guys are fantastic and will make you feel immediately welcome and comfortable. I love seeing them each week! : ) 

Finally, I asked Scott to share a healthy eating tip that I could include in the post. "Try to always make healthy eating choices, but LIVE LIFE. Don't overthink it. Work hard, but live", he says. "Treat yourself to a great bottle of wine here and there. A great meal. This is why we workout. If you only want to eat grilled chicken breast and spinach all day, that's no fun. Have a Balance of all."

I absolutely recommend trying out this class! A big thank you to Eric Gray for taking this gorgeous photos. Always a blast working with Eric. And a big thanks to Scott and Michael Meadows. : ) 

x, M

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  1. Very inspiring post, but i am so in awe of that toned body of yours!! My oh my, Mary!! Wicked! Now you just got me thinking about this even more. Thanks for sharing :)



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