Monday, October 13, 2014

Recap of Bromberg's Meet The Cutter Diamond Event, ft. Mike Botha

 I recently had the pleasure of attending a special diamond cutting event at Bromberg's, where I met master diamond cutter Mike Botha, who designed the stunning Sirius Star Diamond, carried at Bromberg's. Having worked in the industry since 1967, Mike is incredibly knowledgable - it was a treat getting a lesson in diamond cutting from the expert! I learned some interesting things about diamonds. For instance, the higher the number of facets does not necessarily mean the more sparkley the diamond. Mike explained that the placement of the facets is key and is what makes his Sirius Star design so special. "It's what the facets do to the light that makes a diamond beautiful", he explained. "With the Sirius shape, you see more brilliance and movement on the stone." The Sirius Star design, which I am wearing in the above photo, has 80 facets and is 2.591 cts (about $67,000). It's positively dazzling - my iPhone camera doesn't begin to do it justice. To demonstrate the beauty of the Sirius cut, Mike's son, Evert Botha, held a classic round diamond (about 56 facets) next to the Sirius, evincing its high sparkle factor. Aside from being great teachers, Mike and Evert are such nice guys - there passion for their craft is so evident. Definitely stop by Bromberg's to check out these gorgeous diamonds! You really must see these in person.

Happy Monday! 

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