Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Never Let Your Gun Barrel Touch The Ground

This photo is cropped as so intentionally. I committed the sin of pointing the gun barrel down into the ground. Eek. Several guy friends immediately pointed that out to me when I showed them this set of gorge photos shot by Nicole Muro of Carnaggio Photography and TWYNblogBeing as experimental as I am with the blog, my ideas for shoots have led me to all kinds of interesting discoveries. In this case, how to hold a 12 gauge automatic and where not to point the gun barrel. I had never touched anything other than hand guns before this shoot, so it was fun using a shotgun, an M4, and a 12 gauge. I was definitely meant to work with Nicole on this. I wasn't sure how she was going to react to using guns for a shoot, but she was immediately on board, and brought this American beauty from her dad's gun store, TS Arms. I. love. this. gun. Allyson Varley of TWYNblog was also a part of this fun excursion. Such a blast! For me, the more the merrier on shoots. I love good company, and these ladies are the best. You must check out their fabulous lifestyle blog and follow them on Facebook and Insta!

x, M

Photos: Nicole Muro of Carnaggio Photography and TWYNblog | Bracelets: Geoffrey Scott | Necklace: Sunset45 | Shirt: From Gus Mayer | Gun: TS Arms
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