Monday, September 15, 2014

Track Chic

I'm becoming increasingly obsessed with athletic wear. Now is an exciting time to shop for work out threads as there are more options than ever - and more importantly, more interesting options, like the glossy black Koral leggings I'm sporting in this post, which mimic leather. So long, boring gymwear. I recently splurged on a couple of looks by Koral - the Lustrous Leggings and matching Sports Bra, worn underneath a Nike tank top, in my first look. For my second look, I'm wearing Koral's Oasis Sports Bra and Leggings. I love the wild print. A good friend of mine pointed out to me that it looks like one of those old magic eyes puzzles. It really does! As for fit, I prefer the printed pants, which are a little thicker and seem to offer more coverage/security than the black pair. Both of the sports bras are fantastic. The back of the shiny black one is really hot. Since I'm wearing a tank top over it, it's hard to see it here. Stay tuned though for a back view in a separate activewear post : ). My shoes are the Nike Free 5.0 style. I like them a lot. 

I had a blast collaborating with Birmingham based photographer Eric Gray on this shoot. This is my second time to work with Eric, and I am sooo pleased with how these photos turned out! The active element made the shoot especially fun. Love these!

By the way, I am one of those girly girls who wears lipstick while working out. Here, I have on a brand new shade by Kismet Cosmetics that I am obsessed with, Empower. It's a super flattering shade of pink. I'm now a sales rep for Kismet, so if you're interested in ordering a lipstick, please send me a message. ; ) 

x, M

Photos: Eric Gray Photography | Lipstick: Kismet Cosmetics Velvet Collection Lipstick in Empower
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