Friday, August 8, 2014

Beauty For Busy Women

I can say with absolute certainty that the past few months have been the busiest I've ever been in my life. Lindsey has been very busy as well preparing to go off to grad school this fall. It's tough and it's tiring, but busy times build muscle and make us strong if we let them. ; ) This being said, I sometimes have to step back and laugh at myself for the degree to which I try to mutlitask. Being pressed for time, so often, I try to fit everything in. I admit that I have caught myself blow drying my hair, while stretching - leg propped up on the counter like a ballerina next to a bar - while reading the news, and answering texts. So guilty! My utter ridiculousness in multitasking was my inspiration for this post. It's tough to find time to look good while being so busy! Enter, marathon products. In this post, we've highlighted our all-star beauty products for face, eyes, and lips. To keep it simple, I have highlighted two key products per face region.. ones that really make a difference. : ) Our super talented photographer friends, Rachel and Noah Ray Echols, totally nailed this crazy vision, set right in my bathtub. ; )


A good base is a must. Perfect eye makeup and lipstick doesn't matter if your foundation doesn't look good. And since foundation isn't something that can be conveniently touched up on the go, a solid formula is crucial for busy women. We've recently fallen for Ashley Sievert Mineral Velvet Creme foundation, which we're wearing in these photos. It's an oil-free SPF 15 formula that is ultra lightweight but provides full coverage. Love that! It conceals beautifully without looking thick or cakey. The formula is also waterproof, which is so wonderful in the summer. We've worn it out in the hot Alabama heat, and it doesn't melt off. And that makes us so happy because we don't have time for reapplying foundation all day. :) Lindsey and I are both wearing the LA shade in this post. (Is the finish not beautiful?!) On paler days, I mix in a bit of NEW YORK, to lighten it a bit. You can use a foundation brush to apply the formula or blend it on with your fingers. Those of you with oily or combination skin will love the soft matte finish. 

Follow with a light dusting of long wear powder on top, such as Estee Lauder Double Wear, seen here in Intensity 3. We both use the loose Double Wear formula. It looks natural, the formula is buildable, and it has great staying power. Perfect for busy ladies. I always keep a container of Intensity 2 on hand to use on paler days. 


I'll start with your power product, which is eyeliner. Busy women need a good one that doesn't streak or disappear a few hours after applying it. Estee Lauder Double Wear Eye Pencil stays put, and the color is crisp and pigmented. I own in in four different shades :) . The smudge tool on the end of it makes blending easy if you prefer a softer look. Such a great long-lasting product.

Equally as important as eyeliner is a solid eyeshadow primer. Urban Decay Primer Potion makes an amazing base that prevents eyeshadow creasing. This is a must for eyeshadow that looks good all day. It acts as a little anchor that grips the shadow and keeps it in place. Trust us that you will love this product. 

Lip color is often the first thing to disappear, requiring more touchups than anything else. If you don't have time to fool with frequent reapplication, you need a formula that has mega staying power. For a shiny finish, we love Chanel Double Intensite Long Wear Lip Colour (Sensual Rose on Lindsey and Coral Crush on me). 

If we're not in the mood for a gloss, Kismet Cosmetics Velvet Collection Lipstick is our go-to. I consider this a marathon lipstick. It stays in place better than anything I have ever used, and it does not dry out the lips. Crushed Coral (see on me here) and Orchid Haze (see on Lindsey here) are our favorite shades for summer.  You must try this lipstick; it doesn't budge.

If you have the right tools, you can face anything with your best face forward. ; ) Happy Friday!

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