Thursday, July 31, 2014

Rustic and Fancy

As true fashion lovers, Lindsey and I admit that our passion can lead us to make decidedly impractical outfit choices. Jewelry at the pool? Yes. Heels on a farm? Absolutely. Here, we boldly highlight this amusing aspect about ourselves while showing off more new Sunset45 tribal inspired accessories. We love when these little luxuries boxes arrive each month - so exciting to see what surprises they will contain! In these boxes, we received several pairs of earrings, necklaces, OPI polishes, electric red lipsticks, and clay face masks. Our friends Weston and Ali shot these looks, and we all had a blast despite the mega summer heat. It was nice to get away from the city and take in the peaceful beauty of this quaint farm. 

Earrings and nail polish: CLASSIC Sunset45 box

Necklace: CLASSIC Sunset45 box from a previous month (we liked it paired with this tribal skirt : )

Lipstick: Sunset45

Earrings: CLASSIC Sunset45 box

Necklace: CLASSIC Sunset45 box
Gold cuff: CLASSIC box from a previous month
For more on how to subscribe to these little luxuries boxes each month, check out Sunset45 on Facebook here and Instagram here

Happy Thursday! 

x, M

Photos: Weston Markwell and Ali Kim
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  1. Wow! You girls looked amazing! :D I loved how you styled all the pieces from that box. *thumbsup*

  2. I love that tribal skirt from the first couple of pictures! Can you let me know where it's from?


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