Thursday, July 31, 2014

Rustic and Fancy

As true fashion lovers, Lindsey and I admit that our passion can lead us to make decidedly impractical outfit choices. Jewelry at the pool? Yes. Heels on a farm? Absolutely. Here, we boldly highlight this amusing aspect about ourselves while showing off more new Sunset45 tribal inspired accessories. We love when these little luxuries boxes arrive each month - so exciting to see what surprises they will contain! In these boxes, we received several pairs of earrings, necklaces, OPI polishes, electric red lipsticks, and clay face masks. Our friends Weston and Ali shot these looks, and we all had a blast despite the mega summer heat. It was nice to get away from the city and take in the peaceful beauty of this quaint farm. 

Earrings and nail polish: CLASSIC Sunset45 box

Necklace: CLASSIC Sunset45 box from a previous month (we liked it paired with this tribal skirt : )

Lipstick: Sunset45

Earrings: CLASSIC Sunset45 box

Necklace: CLASSIC Sunset45 box
Gold cuff: CLASSIC box from a previous month
For more on how to subscribe to these little luxuries boxes each month, check out Sunset45 on Facebook here and Instagram here

Happy Thursday! 

x, M

Photos: Weston Markwell and Ali Kim
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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Backstage With Heathers The Musical Star Elle McLemore

One of the golden rules of beauty is to avoid pairing a bold lipcolor with bold eyemakeup. Sometimes it's fun to break the rules though, as our talented actress friend, Elle McLemore, who plays Heather McNamara in broadway's Heathers The Musical demonstrates with her character's vivid makeup. We first introduced you to Elle in 2012, when she starred in Broadway's Bring It On. And to catch you up, she starred in Army Wives last year. We love that Elle applies her own makeup for Heathers and had to find out what goes into creating Heather McNamara's bold look. While catching up, Elle and I also chatted about her fave beauty products and her secrets for maintaining a crazy ridic bod. 


"I wear bright yellow in the show, but my makeup look set by the designers centers around bright pinks and purples. I use the MAC Eye Shadow in Passionate and Trax, Powder Blush in Fleur Power, and Matte Lipstick in Candy Yum YumUnfortunately we don't have and hair and makeup person backstage to get us ready every night to get us ready, but I enjoy it because I love doing my own makeup! I am wigged in the show and luckily able to throw my hair in pin curls and a wig cap, so I don't have to damage my natural hair with all that 80s teasing, which is awesome!"


"I've always enjoyed experimenting with new products, so I added my own twist to the look by adding some lashes and a liquid eyeliner. I love Benefit Magic Ink. And my all time favorite lipgloss is the Buxom Full Body Lip Gloss. So tingly! :) Another great product I have discovered is MAC Pro Longwear Paint Pot (a cream eyeshadow). I use the color Soft Ochre because it can be used under the bright colors in the show or naturally in my everyday use. It's amazing and stays on forever. One product that all of my cast members love and went out to buy and use is Benefit High Beam highlighter. I use it under and around my eye near my temples it looks great on stage under the lights. 

Lastly, I have extremely sensitive skin, and I can't ever use liquid foundation or I will break out like crazy. When I worked on Army Wives my makeup lady was amazing and searched all over and discovered the line Mineral Fusion at whole foods I'm obsessed with and have never had a problem! I love their pressed powder foundations and bronzers. For people with sensitive skin, this line is incredible! :)"


"Oh my gosh that is so nice! Thank you! I am a big fitness person and eat pretty healthy! I drink a green juice with spinach and kale every day and work out a few times a week. I love high intensity work outs using body weight exercises, so I do half hour work outs- running a mile as fast as I can on the treadmill followed by push ups and planks and wall sits. All my friends make fun of me because I'm such a big advocate on push ups, but it is the one thing I found that has strengthened my core more than anything else! Also, I treat myself to at least one thing a day to keep a happy and healthy soul :)" 

For more, check out Elle's Instagram: @ElleMcLemore and her facebook page. 

Top photos: MAC Cosmetics blog | Middle photos: Elle Magazine 
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Bridesbabe Beauty

We were recently asked to do a beauty guest post for our fashion designing friend Natalie Lindsey of Natalie Deayala Collection, who specializes in bridesmaid dresses. We first introduced you to Natalie as part of our INSPIRED series (see here). Our bridesbabe beauty post went live on her blog yesterday, and we wanted to share the full post for you here as well.

When it comes to beauty, orchids, lilacs, and lavenders are the shades that intrigue us most this season. These shades of purple are youthful and elegant and surprisingly flattering on everyone, making them a smart, interesting choice for a bridesmaid's makeup palette. Instead of bridesmaids being carbon copies of one another, donning identical hair and makeup, we love to see a little variety. Let your bridesmaids choose between a bold lip or eye, within the color palette you've selected. Here, Lindsey and I opted for two different makeup looks, that compliment one another, while still allowing the each of us to look distinguished. We'll breakdown for you exactly what we used to achieve our looks and also our long wear faves for powering through the day.

I opted for a shimmery veil of pale orchid across my lids and a sheer swipe of pink gloss on the lips. First, I started by priming my lids. To prevent eye shadow creasing, you must use a solid eye shadow primer. Urban Decay's Primer Potion is amazing and is what we have used here. I then followed with an all-over layer of Lancome Color Design Infinite 24H Eye Shadow in Perpetual Pink. Next, I followed with a generous swipe of Chanel Illusion D'Ombre cream shadow in Utopia (one of our fave purples for summer!) in the crease. I then used a thin, dampened eyeshadow brush to line my bottom lashline with the cream shadow. I opted for liquid eyeliner on my top lids and skipped eye liner all together along my inner rims and across the bottom. I finished with a swipe of Chanel Le Volume mascara for my upper lashes and Inimitable Intense for the lower ones, great for its lash separating powers. On the cheeks, I opted for Estee Lauder Pure Color Blush in Pink Ingenue, and on the lips I chose Estee Lauder Pure Color High Gloss in Praline Paradise.

Lindsey opted for a stronger lip statement with Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Viva. For the eyes, she chose heavier eyeliner along the top, inner and bottom lash lines and a softer eyeshadow look with Chanel Les 4 Ombres quad in Tisse Vendome. Lindsey also applied
Chanel Le Volume mascara for her top lashes along with a swipe of Inimitable Intense for the lower ones. A blush lover, Lindsey selected two of her faves that she loves mixing together for the cheeks - Chanel Powder Blush in Canaille and Vivacite. To pull off the winged cat eye looks that we are both sporting, see our step by step tutorial here.

As for foundation and powder, you'll want to have a good base to beat the heat and humidity and look great with all the cameras flashing. Here are the two we recommend for maximum staying power: Makeup Forever HD Foundation and Makeup Forever HD Micro Finish Setting Powder, which has a silky texture and is talc-free.

Our friend Weston Markwell came with us on our little excursion to Railroad Park and shot these beautiful photos. 

Happy Wednesday!

Necklaces designed by Anne Conway of Alabama Funk | White cotton tank: Free People | Floral top: Show Me Your Mumu Pin It

Monday, July 28, 2014

Floating Floral

Floral patterns are not typically something we go wild for... Unless, that is, the print is as dreamy as this one by Show Me Your Mumu. Not only has this been one of our favorite floral prints we've been wearing this summer, it might just be one of our fave Show Me Your Mumu fabrics ever. (Well, just spotted this new leopard print skirt on Mumu's site, which might be a close contender!). Anyway, Lindsey and I both had to have a Mumu look in this gorgeous fabric, so I opted for this skirt, while she settled on the Spike Tank (see below), in the same floral print. This is my fave skirt - adore the side tie and want to own this in every color. Here, I'm wearing it with my newest pair of LeSpecs, my antler tassel necklace designed by Anne Conway of Alabama Funk, a black Coach bag, and a cotton Free People tank of Lindsey's. Gosh, isn't this skirt gorge when it moves? 

Here, Lindsey wears the Spike Tank with a chandelier pendant also designed by Anne Conway of Alabama Funk. 

By the way, this top and skirt look beautiful paired together. How adorable does Mumu-co head Cammy look in head to toe Floating Floral?

Our talented friend Weston Markwell was part of this adventure and snapped these beautiful photos at Railroad Park and then after dinner at Cantina. We adore these, Weston!

Wishing y'all a beautiful Monday! 
x, M
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Friday, July 18, 2014

Smokey Eye How-to: Step By Step

Ring: Camplandon Connect ring | Lipstick on Mary, right: Kismet Cosmetics Orchid Haze 

We're beyond excited to share with y'all another one of our most requested beauty tutorials ever - the smokey eye. Don't be daunted! This sultry nighttime look is easy to achieve and super fun to sport. We're thrilled to have collaborated with our friend Birmingham based photographer Kate Tully of Tully House Photo. Kate has a talent for beauty work, as the lovely shots in this post attest - definitely check out her link to see more from her recent shoots. 

Now, for this shimmery smokey, which I'll break down for you step by step. : ) 

After priming your lids with a good eyeshadow primer (like Stila's Prime Pot), use your finger to smudge on a shimmery charcoal or espresso cream eyeshadow across your lids. Chanel's Illusion D'Ombre cream shadow is one of our favorites. Lindsey is using Mirafique on me here. Also, you probably notice I am already wearing a little eyeliner on top here - that's because I came straight from work to this shoot. You can add eyeliner on yourself in a later step. : ) 

Use an eyeshadow brush to lightly blend the cream shadow, softening the effect.

Apply a layer of a rich, pigmented pencil eyeliner along the top lash line, and then follow with a bit along the inner lashline as well. Here, Lindsey is using Chanel Le Crayon Kohl in Noir

Ha, we struggle to keep a straight face when applying makeup on each other : D. 

Finish with a couple of coats of volumizing mascara. Here, I am using Chanel Le Volume. If you want Jessica Simpson lash drama, try this mascara. I only applied it to my lop lashes, which tends to be my preference. For full on drama, apply a swipe to your lower lashes as well. 

Vintage white button ring: Jess Leigh Jewels 

Ta dahh! Shimmery, smokey gorgeousness. 

Necklace: Jess Leigh Jewels

Hope y'all have a happy Friday and a blessed weekend! : ) 

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Monday, July 14, 2014

Denim and Jewels

Necklace: The Emma ($25) | Shorts: Gentle Fawn from Manhattan South boutique | Old shirt from Gap
2014 has been a year of blessings and opportunity. I am so thankful for God's goodness and faithfulness after moving past a tougher season in my life. We've been incredibly blessed lately to have so many opportunities to work with talented creative people in Birmingham as well as internationally. It's been exciting to develop so many new friendships and collaborations both here and abroad. This post is particularly special because it highlights some beautiful (and crazy affordable!) pieces of jewelry from a boutique we adore based in Montreal, Shals, that happens to be our first ever collaboration. Scroll through this post and then peruse her jewelry and home decor offerings via her online store and Instagram account, and you'll see why we love her so much. You'll want to note that Shals has just lowered her prices. Yes, lower than the current listings on her website ; ). Very exciting! We've included the new prices for you here in the photo captions. We have yet to find a boutique that offers high quality, beautiful pieces for such low cost. Nothing from her store looks cheap. Quite the contrary. The necklace I'm wearing here, the Emma, is our newest piece, paired with an old, super cozy Gap shirt and athletically influenced denim shorts by Gentle Fawn, which I'm obsessed with, from Manhattan South boutique. Love!

Shals' sparkly pieces look just as lovely with a casual cotton tee as they do with a dressier ensemble. In this post, we opted for a laid back, all-denim theme(!) and had the pleasure of working with our talented friends, Birmingham based fashion photographers Rachel and NoahRay Echols. We wanted to show a different, more personal side of ourselves for this shoot - bare feet, lighter makeup, comfortable. We're so pleased with these shots! Hope you enjoy! : )

Lindsey wears another one of our newest pieces from Shals, the Chare necklace, $20, with a top we love from Manhattan South.

Necklace: The Chare ($20) | Shirt from Manhattan South boutique
Jeans:Old TEXTILE Elizabeth and James
Necklace: The Tal ($20) | Jacket: Old Zara | Sunglasses: Sunset45
Earrings: The Yani ($20) | Bangles: The Lila ($20 for set of 4) | Top: Old Joie | Shorts: Free People

Necklaces, from top: The Stella ($20) & The Kieran ($30) | Shirt: Old Vince | Jeans: Marc by Marc Jacobs | Swimsuit top: Triangl

Necklace: The Sha ($25) | Shirt: Old Patterson J. Kincaid
Hat: NoahRay's : ) 
Necklace: The Stella ($20) | Sunglasses: NoahRay's : ) 
Necklace: The Stella 
We're also fans of Shals' home decor items, which make nice gifts. We have this mirrored box, this mirrored tray, as well as this mirrored tray on display in our house. Be sure to check out Shals' Instagram page to see a wider variety of jewelry and decor to choose from, and you can always email her for price info and questions:

Happy Monday!

xx, M
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