Monday, June 23, 2014

How To Draw A Winged Cat Eye: Step By Step

 The cat eye is a special look for us. It's an emblem of our blog's beginnings, as it was our first post ever to go live on Laylon in March 2012 : ) (see it here). So we are very excited to share a brand new, more in-depth tutorial on this look! We had the treat of working with Birmingham-based photographer Kate Tully of Tully House Photo, whose lovely shots capture how we create a cat eye from start to finish. Hope y'all enjoy!

Start by priming your bare lids with a eyeshadow primer (we like Urban Decay's formula). Follow all over with a neutral eyeshadow. Don't be tempted to skip this part and go straight for the eyeliner -- slick or greasy eyelids can work against you, causing smears and smudges. Once the lids are prepped, you can reach for your pencil eyeliner. I'll get to the liquid liner in a minute. 

Draw a thin line along the top lash line, staying as close to your lashes as possible. We recommend a pigmented formula that delivers, nice strong color like Chanel's kohl pencil, which I'm using here. The pencil eyeliner step is important. It makes it easier to trace the liquid eyeliner on top of. Trust me on this one.

Grab your liquid eyeliner and trace directly on top of the pencil line you just drew, starting from the inner corner and working outward. I prefer felt tip liners, such as the Maybelline formula I am using here on Lindsey. Brush tips are good too - it's really a matter of personal preference. When drawing the line, take your time, especially if you are new to using liquid eyeliner. Try to keep the line as thin as possible to start with.

Now, for the winged part. You'll notice in the above photo that the line I extended outward doesn't curl up a whole lot. It's more like a subtle upward curve. You can play with how far you extend the wing part, but for beginners, I recommend a small one. For a beautiful, sleek cat eye shape, you'll want the outer tip to come to a thin point. A dampened pointed Q-tip can save you if you need to correct any smudges or unevenness.

Here is another view of the slightly curved winged tip. A subtle arc upward looks elegant. An overly curled up outer tip can look clownish.

 Our favorite way to wear this look is along the top lash line only - with no liner at all on the bottom. It looks youthful and is daytime and office friendly.

For a more dramatic look, you'll apply the same method you just learned for the top lash line to your bottom lash line, starting with a swipe of pencil liner, as Lindsey applies to herself below.

 Then, apply the liquid formula directly on top. I recommend applying it with a light hand, so that the line is as thin and a little more subtle. Here, I barely grazed it over the line of pencil eyeliner.

 You'll notice from the picture below that I extended the bottom line outward, meeting the top one, in that upward arc shape. Again, the best advice I can give is to take your time! Work slowly and use pointed q-tips for touching up the outer wing. Good luck, and happy winging! : )

xx, Mary

Stunning pics: Tully House Photo
Lipstick: Kismet Cosmetics Velvet Collection Lipstick in Crushed Coral | Neck bling: Shopshals | Ring, right hand: Camplandon Connect Ring | Ring left hand: Jess Leigh Jewels
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  1. beautiful make up!!

  2. Winged cat lining is a challenge for me! But I usually start with the lower lashline to determine how much to flick, which seems to help me a little.
    Thanks for this step-by-step tutorial and beautiful photos. Such a treat! :)


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