Monday, May 5, 2014

BFW 2014: Makeup + Behind The Scenes

Of all the gorgeous photos snapped throughout Birmingham Fashion Week, the striking images shot by Birmingham based fashion photographers Rachel and NoahRay Echols left an impression on us. Just stunning. This husband and wife team, who kindly shared their work for this post, offer a a glimpse of the "beautiful chaos", as they put it, that played out behind the scenes. Their gorgeous shots offer a more intimate view of the week and also highlight the stunning makeup and hair, which helped set the mood as the designers showed their collections.

One of the most memorable looks was the dramatic eye worn by the models in Anthony Ryan's show, which resembled a mask of rising smoke. Makeup artist Daphne Rush, who worked her magic behind the scenes, said the looks for the former Project Runway star's two lines, Anthony Ryan and ANT by Anthony, represented two very different stages in his life. "Part of our job as artists is to translate the designer's vision onto the models", she explains. "It can be challenging at times, but that's why I love being able to spend one on one time with the designers to learn more about their inspiration." She worked quickly to achieve the black splatter effect around the models eyes, and as soon as the show closed, she sprung into action to transform the looks of the models who would walk again in Anthony's next show in just minutes, wearing very different makeup.

That rush of excitement during those quick change moments, Daphne explains, is one of her favorite parts about being a makeup artist. "Somehow we finish with only seconds to spare and back out on the runway [the model] goes, the audience none the wiser! Sometimes the most magical things happen in those few high-pressure moments!"

The models who walked again in Anthony's second show, ANT by Anthony, were quickly stripped of their dramatic masks for a more natural look: clean skin and a coat of black liner around the eyes.

Another look that made an impression on us was the makeup in Hunter Bell's show. The bold red lip and natural hair looked effortless cool. Daphne, who contributed creative input for this look, cited the makeup as her favorite of the week. Daphne used clear eye gloss on the models' lids - a fun, youthful touch that we love. "Just before the show we lined up all 25 girls backstage and I went down the row assembly line style, poppin' that gloss!"

Another striking look of the week was the pop of white around the eyes of the models in the Leona show. We asked Daphne what she used to get the look. "[It] was achieved by using an opaque white pencil, such as MAC Chromagraphic pencil in White, as well as a frosty white eye-shadow such as Urban Decay Vapor. Combining the two different textures allowed for maximum color impact as well as longevity."

Finally, we must point out the adorable metallic Flash tattoos seen on the Show Me Your Mumu models! While having a drink with co-Mumu designer, Cammy Hebert, after the show, we were struck by the shimmery gold Flash tats on her arms and below her neck. These metallic tattoos were used creatively on the models in her show and glimmered like jewelry. 

We can't wait to experiment with the Flash tats on ourselves. Love these two looks in particular that mimic a silver arm cuff and gold necklace. 

Hope y'all enjoyed these backstage shots! We're obsessed. Follow Rachel and NoahRay on Facebook here and on Instagram @rachelandnoahray for more from behind the scenes. And check out more of Daphne's work here. Happy Monday!
x, M

*All images shot by Rachel and NoahRay Echols
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  1. Oh wow such amazing pictures I adore the makeup :)
    have a great day

  2. Wow! These are amazing pictures....thanks for sharing I had a blast looking at them!


  3. Amazing looks..BTW do u wanna follow each other on Instagram?

    Just let me know if you do n I will follow back right away

  4. Love this! Amazing collection of pictures, I am adoring the makeup too! The white around the eyes is my fav :)


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