Friday, May 2, 2014

BFW 2014 Lipstick Fave

It has been a very busy but exciting past couple of weeks for us! We were blessed to have gotten the opportunity to cover Birmingham Fashion Week (so hope you have enjoyed our runway coverage on the blog and Instagram!). This week we've tried to catch up on some much needed rest while continuing our BFW coverage. We still have a few fun Fashion Week posts to come : ) But today, I wanted to show you my lipstick of choice for attending the fashion events, Kismet Cosmetics' Velvet Collection lipstick in Crushed Coral. On the first night of Fashion Week, I wore a different brand of lipstick which kept coming off - very annoying! Since I did LAYLON's photography for the runway shows, I was busy with my camera for most of the time and had no time for reapplying lipstick. The next night, I wore Kismet's Crushed Coral lipstick, which I'm wearing in these photos, and it did a phenomenal job of staying in place. It turned out to be my little beauty lifesaver! It still looked great by the time I got home. For the rest of the week, Lindsey and I wore different shades from Kismet's Velvet Collection. She wore Burnout a couple of nights, and I wore Orchid Haze on the last night. (Click here and here to see our recent reviews of these colors). 

I definitely recommend trying the Velvet Collection... especially if you need a marathon lipstick! 

Happy Friday!
x, M
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  1. Gorgeous as always :) never heard of that brand in Ireland but the lipstick looks amazing

    1. Thanks, doll! It's a new lipstick here in the US! Just adore it : ) xoxo

  2. You look pretty :)

    Check out my new post Here!!!

  3. Gorgeous color! And I love the outfit as well! xx

    ♥ Oxana
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  4. reapplying lipstick can be such a pain! glad you were able to use one that lasted on the second night. loving your beautiful necklace here!


    1. Thank you, Gabby! The lipstick is wonderful. : ) The necklace is from Anthropologie


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