Monday, May 12, 2014

5 Minutes With Heidi Elnora: BFW2014 Recap & Her Latest Bridal Line

Now that the bustle and excitement of Birmingham Fashion Week has subsided as fashion events have come to a close, I was fortunate to get a few minutes on the phone with bridal wear designer Heidi Elnora, whose runway show was hands down the most exciting moment of the week. The former Project Runway star, who founded and owns BFW, was a delight to talk to - just love her! Her energy and passion for what she does is striking, and her candor is really refreshing. In our brief chat, the busy designer and reality show host on TLC, touches on the dark nature of her BFW show and her newest line of bridal dresses, "Darling". Birmingham-based fashion photographers Rachel and NoahRay Echols kindly shared these striking shots of Heidi watching her show. : ) 


Since unveiling her collection on the final night of BFW, there has been a lot of buzz about the darker nature of Heidi's runway presentation, particularly over the cryptic brides showing off the designs. "It wasn't about zombies or The Walking Dead", she laughs. Instead, she says the idea for the show started with a striking image she had in mind several months prior to BFWof the models' heads being veiled in cheesecloth, with just their lips visible, representing the voice behind the brand.

Heidi explained that the mood of her show is an expression of how she feels at this time in her life. "I don't feel perfectly put together right now", the busy designer readily opens up, referring to the busyness of her day to day life. Between designing, running her bridal business, hosting a reality show, and taking care of her two boys, she says it can be very tiring. "At times I feel broken, yet still strong", she adds with cool confidence. That strength was powerfully evident in her bold and dramatic runway presentation, beautifully orchestrated from start to finish. 

Pleased with her BFW presentation, Heidi says watching the show was a very special moment for her. "It's your work, your heart, your soul displayed in front of people. It's honestly a very humbling and proud feeling."

In addition to her fall collection, Heidi blended in looks from her brand new line, Darling, which she showed for the first time. "Darling is a different side of me", she explains. "It's a part of me that has truly strong Alabama roots. It's more organic, more free-spirited, and lighthearted." The designs in her Darling collection, pictured below, are soft and feminine -- flowing silhouettes, sprinkled with sweet lace details and some subtle lingerie influences. Beautiful.

Darling is available in Birmingham at the Heidi Elnora Atelier as well as Flutter Boutique and Soliloquy Bridal Couture

Hope y'all enjoyed getting to know Heidi a little better! 

x, M

Photo credits: 

BFW Runway shots: Rachel and NoahRay Echols
Darling studio shots: Leslie Hollingsworth
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