Wednesday, April 30, 2014

BFW Highlights: Rebecca Taylor

Birmingham Fashion Week came to a strong close with Rebecca Taylor's latest collection as the last show of the week. We were drawn to the colors and textures of her designs, as well as the interesting details. While there were hints of masculinity in the collection with the subtle military influences, the overall feel was modern feminine. We'd love to incorporate so many of these looks into our closets!

The dresses in this collection made the biggest impression on us. One of the pieces we loved most was an icy blue shirtdress with a layer of sheer fabric peeking out below the hem. Such a smart, beautiful design. Absolutely love. Another one that struck us was a long, midnight blue piece that was topped with a long sleeve cropped top in black mesh. Adore!

This warm gray dress had more of a romantic feel to it with an extra layer of flowing skirt peeking out below. We like the lines of this pretty design.

We also liked several of the jackets. Our favorite, hands down, was this two-texture light gray one. This could be thrown over just about anything.

The pants had a masculine feel but were softened by feminine top pieces in floral prints. 

Finally, loved the vest and trouser combo.

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  1. I love each piece! Especially the black trousers, gorgeous :)
    New post at ♥♥♥♥♥

    1. Thnx, dear! Yes, I could def use a pair of the trousers! xox


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