Wednesday, April 30, 2014

BFW Highlights: Rebecca Taylor

Birmingham Fashion Week came to a strong close with Rebecca Taylor's latest collection as the last show of the week. We were drawn to the colors and textures of her designs, as well as the interesting details. While there were hints of masculinity in the collection with the subtle military influences, the overall feel was modern feminine. We'd love to incorporate so many of these looks into our closets!

The dresses in this collection made the biggest impression on us. One of the pieces we loved most was an icy blue shirtdress with a layer of sheer fabric peeking out below the hem. Such a smart, beautiful design. Absolutely love. Another one that struck us was a long, midnight blue piece that was topped with a long sleeve cropped top in black mesh. Adore!

This warm gray dress had more of a romantic feel to it with an extra layer of flowing skirt peeking out below. We like the lines of this pretty design.

We also liked several of the jackets. Our favorite, hands down, was this two-texture light gray one. This could be thrown over just about anything.

The pants had a masculine feel but were softened by feminine top pieces in floral prints. 

Finally, loved the vest and trouser combo.

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Monday, April 28, 2014

BFW2014 Highlights: Show Me Your Mumu

A happy, electric energy was in the air during Show Me Your Mumu's runway debut at Birmingham Fashion Week. It was positively contagious. That energy is alive in the spirit of the collection's lively pieces. This line is all about fun, colorful, breezy designs that are flexible and fit easily into everyday life. We loved this first floor length look. And talk about a statement headpiece.. this one looks dynamite on her. Floral headdresses, bare feet, carefree - this is the Mumu girl. There were so many pieces in this collection we loved, it was tough to narrow down our faves. We loved this bright turquoise maxi which could be styled so many different ways. This is a piece that we could see ourselves reaching for over and over. 

We were obsessed with the cropped pieces, like this flamingo print skirt and tank pairing. We loved the matching top and bottom prints of this look as well as the striped floral shorts and tee combo. Adorable!

We also loved the leopard print pieces, which always seem to have a presence in the Mumu collections since it was born four years ago. This hot little mini dress and maxi skirt speak for themselves.

Adore the bold black and white combo of this floor length number. 

Overall, it was an amazing collection that perfectly captured the free-spirited essence of designing duo, Cammy Hebert and Cologne Schmidt. Lindsey can attest to this, having lived with these ladies four years ago in NYC where it all began. She saw firsthand the idea of a single piece - an easy to wear "mumu" that could be thrown on for numerous types of occasions - evolve into a full-blown collection. It all happened in a magical apartment on Mulberry Street.

Of all the fabulous pieces we saw, we agreed that our favorite was the map-printed caftan worn by Cammy.  

...maybe it being worn by Cammy had something to do with it. 

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Sunday, April 27, 2014

BFW 2014 Highlights: Heidi Elnora

The final night of Birmingham Fashion Week kicked off with a captivating show by  Heidi Elnora. We thoroughly enjoyed getting a glimpse of the former Project Runway star's darker side with her cryptic brides. We loved so many of the designs worn by these haunting beauties.

We adored the sweet, feminine details of this lace overlay trumpet style gown. One of our favorites of the collection. Beautiful. 

Another one of our favorite gowns is this lace sweetheart, a-line style. Absolutely gorgeous.

 We also loved the cascading ruffle details at the bottom of this stunning dress. 

Overall, a superb show! We were very impressed with all of the beautiful, dreamy confections. Well done, Heidi! 

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BFW2014: SW3 Bespoke

There were a lot of looks at SW3 Bespoke show that we'd love to add to our closets right now. Stylish pieces that would make getting dressed easier every day. We really love this  long-sleeve black and white patterned dress - a versatile piece that could be easily dressed up or down. There were a lot of breezy silhouettes that we'd love to be in for summer, like this dress below, which is a close second fave for us. Love the details on the sleeves. 

Also loved the fringe details and the banded leather detailing of the pants below.

And we always, always love a statement coat.  The bigger the better. 

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BFW 2014 Highlights: Hunter Bell

Interesting patterns and textures stood out to us at Hunter Bell's latest show at Birmingham Fashion Week. We loved so many of the looks - it was tough to narrow down our faves! The most memorable look was the zippered jacket and skirt combo pictured above with the tie-dyed blouse. The mix of patterns and textures here is brilliant. We also loved the glistening textured black skirt below. 

Absolutely adore this breezy, silky number. The watercolor paint splattered pattern is striking, and the silhouette is romantic. Gorgeous! 

This little blue number is adorable, and it looks ultra-flattering.

Another smart mix of patterns here. The cardigan looks like it has a bit of structure to it, which is interesting. Would love to try this one on. Love it paired with this skirt.

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Friday, April 25, 2014

BFW 2014 Highlights: Johnathan Kayne

We thoroughly enjoyed Johnathan Kayne's show. This southern designer and former Project Runway star delivered strong, gorgeously feminine dresses with amazing attention to details. I'll start with the showstopper. We both gasped when this dreamy gown emerged on the runway. Absolutely stunning. It would be impossible for a woman to not feel beautiful in this dress. Also enjoyed seeing all the fitted, sequined silhouettes that looked incredible on the models as they walked under the lights. The fit was incredible.

Bold colors, fabulous textures, and lots of drama... so fun!

Well done, Johnathan! We love you!

x, M
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BFW 2014: Leona New York

Lauren Leonard of Leona put on a great show last night at Birmingham Fashion Week! We spotted a lot of pieces we loved. We agreed that the James dress, pictured first, is one of our absolute faves. Loved the little cutout details on the front of her dresses.

This sheer white blouse was another favorite - a great piece for spring.
Fell for the shorts, too! Very cute.

This lace Morgan skirt was really pretty. Absolutely adore!

 Bravo, Lauren!
x, M
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