Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Stila CC Cream

Stila Cosmetics, $44

After so much hype for so long over BB creams, I was very intrigued when I saw Stila's new CC Cream. Of course, I had to try it, and now I really like this product. CC cream is supposed to go a step further than BB cream, incorporating skincare with color. What drew me to this product was it's color correcting promise... to help eliminate red undertones. It's greenish formula is a 'smart' product in that it blends in immediately and adapts to your skin color on contact. It looks very natural because it instantly becomes the same color as your skin as you smooth it on. (Go test a little on your wrist at Sephora -- you will see what I mean!). I've found it to be perfect for summer because when I'm outside a lot, I don't like wearing a heavier foundation. And although this is an oil-free product, it did tend to give me a bit of a shiny forehead, but after a bit of translucent setting powder I was good to go! If you like BB creams, you'll probably want to give this one a try.
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