Monday, June 3, 2013

Mystic Tan vs. Versa Spa Spray Tanning

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We've gotten several questions as of late about spray tanning, so I thought I'd share what I know since I am all about some faux sunshine! The two types I'm most familiar with are Mystic Tan and VersaSpa, which are both booths that you stand in while a machine sprays you. In these photos, I have a Mystic tan. I definitely prefer Mystic over Versa because I think the finish is more even. Whenever I've gotten sprayed in a Versa booth, I've always noticed the formula on my skin, which looks like tiny little freckle-like dots. However, the color that Versa deposits is a little more brown than Mystic, which is slightly more red. Both Mystic and Versa offer three shades to choose from... a light, a medium and dark. In these photos, my tan is the lightest shade. I always choose the instant color formula as opposed to the clear because I like immediate results. While these two options are fine, airbrush tanning delivers better results. Spray tans tends to be a little cheaper, though. When going in to get a spray tan, it's best to go right after you've taken a shower, have shaved, and exfoliated. Right before you step into the booth, you'll want to use a generous amount of the barrier lotion all over your hands and feet, to keep those places from getting too much color. I usually put it on my face as well. With the Mystic, you can pretty much get dressed and go immediately after you're sprayed. With the Versa, you may need to wait a few minutes so that the formula dries before getting dressed. With spray tans, you don't have to "rinse off" several hours later like you do when you get an airbrush tan. If you choose the instant color option over the clear, you see your tan develop more quickly. The clear one will take several hours before you see any color. Your tan should last several days. Hope this is helpful!

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