Friday, January 11, 2013

Mini Flat Iron Love

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 Here's a quick post on a little heat tool that makes styling hair a lot easier to do. It's the Cortex Mini Flat Iron, which is half an inch in width. It is the perfect size for taming and straightening flyaways and the hair around your face. Being so small, it really is easier and more manageable to use. I always found that my 1 inch Chi Straightener was just too wide for the front of my hair, which frames my face. We no doubt abuse that part of our hair the most when it comes to styling. A flat iron that is too wide can end up yanking out hair, leaving broken and split ends. This being said, I still use my 1 inch Chi to style the rest of my hair around the sides and in the back. It would take too long to use the .5" all over if your hair is long. If your hairstyle is short and thinner, the .5" is probably the only flat iron you would need. I found my Cortex at TJ Maxx, but they are also available on and Have a great weekend!
xo, Mary
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