Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Beach in a Perfume Bottle

I'm often amazed by the power of the sense of smell - how one smell can trigger an emotion or bring back a beautiful memory. One particular scent that always seems to uplift me is my mom's Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess perfume. We first fell in love with this beachy scent several years back when Azurēe Soleil, EL's collaboration with Tom Ford, had just come out. Bronze Goddess is a spin off of Azurēe Soleil, which is very similar. This fragrance is very reminiscent of the beach, but shhh - don't try to tell my mom this scent is only for warm weather. She loves it year round, and honestly, I am finding myself intrigued by it on this cold December afternoon. This fragrance is so gorgeous and exotic, so I just had to spritz on a little. It's a mix of coconut oil, mandarin, and jasmine. If you love coconut, you will probably love this perfume. I think this scent is so uplifting! I deliberately snapped a quick pic of this perfume bottle on a mound of fur just to emphasize that it's okay to wear a beachy scent all year if it makes you happy. If you need a vacation but can't get to the beach, you really ought to try this one.
xo, Mary
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