Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Oscar Blandi Protein Mist For Restyling Hair

In Mary's Hair: Oscar Blandi Protein di Jasmine Mist
As many of you know from our previous posts, we are big advocates of dry shampoo. We always try to stretch our time between washes as long as possible. And that requires us to restyle our hair a couple of times per week. A product we really like to use to accomplish this is Oscar Blandi Protein di Jasmine Mist for Restyling Hair, $19. It's great because it acts as a shield to prevent heat damage, which is crucial since we love using our straightener and curling iron. As you can see in the photo above, Mary's curls were just revived using the protein mist before following with the curling iron after a couple of days of her style starting to fall flat. Just spritz a section of hair with the mist and curl or straighten the piece as usual. The protein mist can also be used on towel-dried hair before blow drying as a good detangler. 

xo, Mary and Lindsey
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    1. I love the scent... it is fresh and clean smelling with a hint of lavender :)


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