Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Statement Lips + Necklace

Lindsey's Lips: Smashbox Lip Gloss in It Girl / Eyeliner: Lancome Artliner Precision Point Liquid Liner / Top: Patterson J. Kincaid / Necklace: Anthropologie
Like wearing a flattering color can brighten your face, a statement necklace can wield a similar aura. And pairing the right shade of lip color with it can maker even more of an impact. We like the way this necklace from Anthropologie looks with this electric fuchsia lipgloss by Smashbox. The shade of gloss is It Girl, which was part of the Snap You're Fab Gloss set. This bold shade of lip color really makes the colored beads in the necklace pop. It's all about the right balance. When wearing such bold elements, keep at least one piece of your look paired down, like the cotton slub top pictured below. As for the lip gloss, the formula is smooth and not sticky at all. It's lightweight and has a bit of a sweet fragrance to it.

Lindsey's skirt: H&M
xo, Mary and Lindsey
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