Sunday, August 5, 2012

Getting A Jergens Bottle Faux-Glow

Mary's Tan: Jergens Natural Glow & Protect Lotion SPF 20 / Swimsuit: Milly / Sunglasses: Le Specs
I love having a tan, but you will never find me baking under the hot sun to get one. Whenever I'm poolside, I'm either under an umbrella or in the shade. The photo of me above is proof that you don't need the sun to achieve a pretty tan. This is the color I ended up with after multiple applications of Jergens Natural Glow & Protect Lotion SPF 20 in Medium to Dark, ($8). Ever since Jergens first came out with their original gradual tan moisturizer, I had been hoping they would also develop a version with sunscreen. So naturally, I love the Glow & Protect with SPF 20. I use it every day. Whenever I am low on sunless tanning gel and want to amp up my color, I will apply the Jergens lotion several times a day and continue doing so each day until I reach my desired shade of tan. A word of caution... Every other application, skip rubbing the lotion on the tops of your feet. It looks terrible when your feet look darker than your legs. Also, don't apply the Jergens lotion to the tops of your hands. I always use L'Oreal Sublime Airbrush Spray Mist, which is under $11 at After you finish applying the Jergens lotion, wash your hands thoroughly and then spray the tops of your hands with the L'Oreal airbrush spray, and then you are done. No need to wash your hands after using the L'Oreal spray (otherwise you will wash off what you've just sprayed on). Just don't get it on the palms of your hands. I usually hold down the nozzle and spray it about 4 seconds per hand in a sweeping motion. I use it once a day, right before bed - because you're not supposed to wash your hands for several hours after spraying it on. If you have any questions, leave a comment below, and let me know!

Mary's Lipgloss: Clinique Superbalm Moisturizing Gloss in Apricot / Bracelet: John Hardy

xo, Mary
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