Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Kevin Murphy Color Bug Colored Hair Shadow

In Mary's Hair: Kevin Murphy Color Bug in Orange / Dress: Zara
Necklace: Claborn Specialties Boutique
The neon streaks of hair seen on the models at Oscar de la Renta's resort show have inspired us to get more experimental with color. Instead of clipping in a hair piece, as was done on the runway models, I used a product I've been holding onto for months now and have been wanting to try out. It's Kevin Murphy Color Bug ($24), a powder compact for hair that delivers temporary color to your strands. The surface of Color Bug looks quite similar to a blush compact. What we love about this formula is that it requires no long-term commitment. It washes out easily in the shower. All you do is rub the powder compact against your hair. The intensity of the color is adjustable... Rub lightly for subtle color. Rub it more vigorously onto your strands for intense color. The shade I used above is Orange. It's also available in Pink and Purple. I applied Color Bug generously to a single lock of hair in the photo above because I wanted the color to be strong and mimic the effect of a clip-in hair strand. You could also rub it in to the end of your strands for a colored ombré effect, which we can't wait to try! Stay tuned for instructional photos on how to apply Color Bug to your hair- hopefully we will be able to post those soon! We'll be going for ombré ends in that one. 
xo, Mary
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