Friday, May 11, 2012

The New Neutral: White Nails

Lindsey is wearing Pure Ice Nail Polish in Super Star! / Blouse: Elizabeth and James / Watch: Michael Kors
White nails are our go-to neutral. And we don't mean sheer white. We mean opaque, Wite-Out white. No shimmer. No glitter. We find white nails striking and super modern. They're such an easy way to update your look. This shade of white polish is a great one that won't break your wallet. It is Pure Ice Nail Polish in Super Star!, and it comes with a $2 price tag. Here is what you need to keep in mind, when painting your nails white... A sloppy job is unacceptable. If your nails aren't neat looking to begin with, and if you don't paint it on evenly, it will look like Wite-Out and not nail polish. Just take it slowly if your going to paint them yourself. We suggest using a fast drying clear topcoat to prevent smudges. Happy Friday!
xo, Mary

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