Monday, May 7, 2012

We Heart Beachy Waves

In Lindsey's Hair:  Frederic Fekkai Beach Waves Spray / Shirt:  Elizabeth and James
No matter what time of year, we love wavy, beachy hair. Its effortless cool is what makes it so alluring. These unfussy waves look natural - not like hours and hours were spent on them. I must admit that my hair is not squeaky clean in the above photo. It's a bit on the greasy side since I washed it a couple of days prior... which is typically when it starts looking a little lifeless. When it gets to this point, I spray my dry hair with Frederic Fekkai Beach Waves ($25), and scrunch it up with my hands for this messy bedhead look. Don't spray this product directly into your roots. As you can see from my photo, it's the sides and ends of my hair that I concentrated on. Beach Waves smells fabulously beachy and can be sprayed in wet or dry hair. I love to spray it in dry hair because it adds texture and a little fulness to my hair when it starts looking flat. Instead of curling it again, I just "mess it up" with the Beach Waves spray, spritz in some hairspray, and then go out the door. My hair has some natural wave in it, so that also helps. If yours is naturally straight and doesn't hold curl very well, then you might want to try spraying in the Beach Waves and scrunching right after you run the curling iron through it. It's also fine if you use Beach Waves in freshly washed and blow-dried hair.
xo, Lindsey and Mary
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