Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Claus Porto Bath Soaps

Claus Porto Soap
As part of our gift to our incredible mom on Mother's Day, Lindsey and I got her a bath soap by Claus Porto ($18). It was difficult to settle on one scent, since there were so many amazing ones to choose from, but we agreed that Acacia Tuberose reminded us most of our mom. As soon as our mom unwrapped it, the intoxicating floral scent drifted out of the box. Handmade in one of Portugal's oldest perfumers, Claus Porto fine soaps are made from a 100% natural shea butter formula. The soaps are all molded and pressed by hand after being milled seven times to keep their form perfect. As reported by O Magazine, Claus Porto soaps are a long-time favorite of Oprah. The fragrance of these delicious soaps are quite incredible. Our other favorite scents include Rozan Paradise Rose, Madrigal Water Lilly, and Royal Iris Lavender. These soaps make fabulous gifts even for those who might be more difficult to buy for. We really like the mini guests soaps gift box ($19) as well as the mini bath soaps ($25), both pictured below. Plus, the eye-catching packaging is adorable. We're both thrilled that we can order Claus Porto soaps from Beauty.com, which offers free shipping on orders over $25 as well as free beauty samples.

Product images courtesy linealuxe.com, inarkansas.com
Claus Porto also offers candles in the same amazing fragrances as their soaps.
xo, Mary and Lindsey
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