Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Our Top Foundation Picks

Lindsey's Foundation: Clinique Superbalanced Makeup / L'Oreal True Match Naturale / Blush: Nars Blush in Orgasm
 Thanks to your many requests and questions, this post will be all about our favorite foundations. I will start by talking about the one we both love and have in our makeup bags - Clinique Superbalanced Makeup ($23), which I am wearing in the above photo. It is a great oil-free foundation that is amazing for combination skin. It absorbs oil really nicely and leaves our skin looking fresh and dewy. It stays on all day and also holds up really well against perspiration. In the photo, I'm also wearing a light dusting of L'Oreal True Match Naturale mineral powder foundation ($12.99 at drugstore.com), which Mary and I have been wearing for a long time. We always have it in our makeup bags in at least two shades - a lighter one and a darker one. It's such a fabulous product - just apply a very light layer of it so that it doesn't look cakey. Thick powder = looking old. Because we are total product junkies, of course we have multiple foundations in our makeup bags for various seasons and times of year. Scroll below to see our other favorites!

Lindsey Says:
My other two favorite foundations are by Laura Mercier. What I love most about the Laura Mercier Oil-Free Liquid Foundation ($42) is that the formula is buildable. I can smooth it on lightly for a sheerer look or I can apply it with a heavier hand for more coverage. The Laura Mercier Foundation Powder ($40) is excellent for my oily skin. Not only does it take care of my shine, the compact is easy to carry around with me and isn't messy to pull out at all. The mirror is handy for touch-ups.

Mary Says:
My favorite foundation is DiorSkin Dior Forever Liquid Foundation ($47). I love the long-lasting formula for its weightless feel and flawless finish. The first day I wore this foundation, I was immediately complimented by my dad and a good guy friend of mine that my face looked really pretty. ;) Again, the Dior formula stays on and blends in really nicely. The Clinique Superbalanced Makeup is also a wonderful foundation that I always keep in my makeup bag.

A final word of wisdom... Nothing looks worse than thick, caked on foundation. We cannot emphasize this enough. We made this mistake throughout high school and college. Apply your foundation with a light hand. You will look younger, we promise!
xo, Lindsey and Mary
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