Sunday, February 19, 2012

New Product Review from Sephora's Hot Now List

I feel the need to write a post on this product I recently got from Sephora. The version of this product for eyes is currently listed on Sephora's Hot Now list, Peter Thomas Roth Instant Firmx Eyes. When testing this product on my hand at Sephora, it seemed to do all that the bottle claimed it would do... the skin on my hand appeared to magically tighten before my eyes. It felt tighter too. I went home, excited to try this new product on my face, and the results were disappointing. I followed the directions and applied a mask-like layer to my entire face after cleansing. In several minutes, my face definitely felt pulled and tighter, like the product claimed that it would... So I splashed my face with water until the product (which looks grayish when dry on the skin) was no longer visible. I patted my face gently with a towel to discover that nothing felt different about my face at all. It seems to me that Instant Firmx product does tighten, but only while it is visible (again, gray and mask-like) on your skin. I certainly did not feel "a gentle firming that will last all day". I hate to give a Peter Thomas Roth product a negative review, especially since I have really enjoyed using the line's sunscreens in the past. I just feel that Instant Firmx is not worth the money.     xo, Mary

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