Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Never Let Your Gun Barrel Touch The Ground

This photo is cropped as so intentionally. I committed the sin of pointing the gun barrel down into the ground. Eek. Several guy friends immediately pointed that out to me when I showed them this set of gorge photos shot by Nicole Muro of Carnaggio Photography and TWYNblogBeing as experimental as I am with the blog, my ideas for shoots have led me to all kinds of interesting discoveries. In this case, how to hold a 12 gauge automatic and where not to point the gun barrel. I had never touched anything other than hand guns before this shoot, so it was fun using a shotgun, an M4, and a 12 gauge. I was definitely meant to work with Nicole on this. I wasn't sure how she was going to react to using guns for a shoot, but she was immediately on board, and brought this American beauty from her dad's gun store, TS Arms. I. love. this. gun. Allyson Varley of TWYNblog was also a part of this fun excursion. Such a blast! For me, the more the merrier on shoots. I love good company, and these ladies are the best. You must check out their fabulous lifestyle blog and follow them on Facebook and Insta!

x, M

Photos: Nicole Muro of Carnaggio Photography and TWYNblog | Bracelets: Geoffrey Scott | Necklace: Sunset45 | Shirt: From Gus Mayer | Gun: TS Arms
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Monday, October 27, 2014


I'm really digging lumberjack influences for fall. I love classic red and black checked plaid. Buffalo plaid is the proper term, but I call it lumberjack plaid. : )  Although you can't really see it in this post (you sort of can), a lumberjack plaid bra is what sparked me into action on this lumber themed shoot. I had the idea in mind for a couple of months, and when recently spotting the bra, I immediately knew I had to own it and decided it was time for the lumberjack shoot. My talented friend and lifestyle photographer Kenwyn Alexander took these stunning photos. This shoot was such a blast. The last photo with the dogs makes me so warm - just love! Such a great moment.   

I must highlight the fabulous outerwear pieces I'm wearing, a Barbour cape and vest, which are both from Gus Mayer. The cape is absolutely adorable. I'm obsessed. And it's in one of my fave shades for fall, olive. The quilted vest is classic and fab. Every woman should have one in her closet for fall. It's super warm and can be dressed up or down. I was drawn to the black, but there are several new shades at Gus. They have a great selection of Barbour - definitely go check it out.  

As for the sunnies, my Round Grain pair by Triple Graces seemed like a natural choice for this post (bottom pair). One of my absolute faves! The shades I'm wearing in the first photo are by ZeroUV. As for the jewelry, I'm wearing my newest piece from Geoffrey Scott, the leather Hampton Bracelet. Love, love it! I also have on one of my Tulum beaded stretch bracelets. In the top photo, I am wearing a bar ring from one of my favorite Sunset 45 boxes. My jeans are from Fabrik in Homewood. 

The gorgeoussss shade of lipstick I'm wearing is one of Kismet Cosmetics' brand new fall colors, Vino. It's deep and rich - a must for this season. Let me know if you're interested in trying it, as I am a sales rep for Kismet. This longwear formula is $16 per tube.

Happy Monday!

x, M
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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

80 Pops

I have always been more of an ice cream person than a popsicle person, but I've just hopped onto the popsicle bandwagon. I recently had the pleasure of collaborating with 80 Pops, whose delish creamy and fruity frozen confections have changed my mind. I found out about 80 Pops through the talented photographer I worked with on this shoot, Megan Forehand, who captured these stunning shots. The shoot was an absolute blast. I met with 80 Pops founder and CEO, Brian Robinson, who filled me in on his popsicle enterprise and let me sample a handful of fun flavors. He kindly gave me a tour of his restoration shop, where he keeps the 80 Pops vehicles, all old trucks and vans he restores, and uses to transport and sell popsicles across Birmingham. 

Before meeting Brian, I scanned the robust menu of options on the 80 Pops website. Of all 80 flavors, there was one in particular that piqued my interest: Sweet CornSooo good! It somehow tastes Southern. (Coconut lovers, you will like the texture of this pop). Every popsicle is made of all natural ingredients. Brian consulted award winning chef Chris Hastings of Hot and Hot Fish Club to create recipes for the pops. I also tried Sweet TeaMango Habanero CheesecakeRaspberry Basil, and Peanut Butter -- all fabulous. The pops are $3 a piece. You must give them a try if you live in Birmingham! Absolutely amazing. 

As for my outfit.. I'm dripping in some of my favorite Geoffrey Scott pieces. The necklace is my absolute fave. It is a piece that he custom designed for me. So very special! : ) I love the tribal vibe. It's a unique look that I think is really hot. On my right wrist, I'm wearing my Geoffrey Scott Tulum beaded stretch bracelets, and on my left wrist, I have on his Bora Bora design with freshwater pearls. I love the earthy vibe of the jewelry paired with my fave pair of olive Coach heels. The nail art is from Sunset 45

Follow 80 Pops on Facebook and Instagram for details on where the Pops trucks will be around town.

Happy Wednesday!

x, M

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